The Two Faces at the Gate of the New Era

Ministering at the Gates of the New Era - Part 2 Part 1 here: In my last blog I talked about the man who stood at the gates of the old and new era, with one foot on one side of the gate and one leg on the other side. This man had the... Continue Reading →

Spirit School – 6 Week Mentorship

Discover the extraordinary with the Spirit School of the Bride of Christ. We believe that realms of revelation unfold as a result of drawing close to Jesus Christ. Our school is built on the the foundational basis that intimacy is the key that unlocks the very mysteries of God. As you behold Jesus more and... Continue Reading →

Becoming the Gift

I wanted to share an experience that I had with the Father last year over the Christmas season. This Christmas season was different to every other that I had before. About three weeks before Christmas Eve, God started giving me gifts when I went into the secret place. In a way, it was like a... Continue Reading →

Journeying into the New Era

In a dream I had on 15.10.2022, I saw a large company of people travelling together. Everyone had backpacks on their backs and there was an adventurous atmosphere around them. I had the sense that these people were on an expedition, seeking out new lands that they would settle on. They were going to a new... Continue Reading →

Two Crowns

In a vision on 26.05.2022 I saw a coronation taking place in the throne room of heaven. I saw rows of women lined up, dressed in bridal attire, kneeling before the Lord Jesus. He approached each of the women and placed a crown upon their heads. There were also children dressed in white kneeling around... Continue Reading →

Great Defender

GREAT DEFENDER Do not run away when danger arises my Beloved;stand firm and watch me stretch out my right hand of power over your situation.Let me be your great Defender.I will arise on your behalf,you will see every stronghold of the enemy fall. Do not fear.I will strengthen you by my breath and impart a... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Dove

Prophetic DoveYou dwell in the cleft of the rock,taught and matured in the secret place,a bride for the Bridegroom King. Your delight is His voice,your sustenance, His presence,your life, His blood,your passion is devotion to Him,your strength is unity with the Holy Spirit and intimacy with the King of kings. Because of your gentle spirit,... Continue Reading →

Three Realms

Just some things I've been exploring lately‚Ķ In the realm of faith, we interface with the substance of faith. This interaction gives us the power to convert the unseen i.e our hopes, our visions and dreams, into seen things in the natural realm. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of... Continue Reading →

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