Prophets on the Mountain, Prophets in the Valley.

I remember a vision I had last year of a high mountain, which was so high, that the peak of it was higher than the clouds. The top of the mountain was really flat, almost as flat as a table.

On the mountain were prophets from all nations. They were receiving words in the spirit from above and were prophesying downwards towards the earth. They were decreeing and declaring God’s will upon the earth, shifting atmospheres and changing situations with their decrees. They were prophesying unto societies, to nations, to kings and governments.

A few weeks ago I saw another vision. This time I saw a valley between two mountains that were close together. The air-space between the two mountains was filled with eagles flying in all directions. Then I saw small scrolls falling from heaven, rolled up and sealed with a red ribbon. As they fell, the eagles would grab the Word and fly out to deliver it.

Prophets on the mountain, declaring and decreeing to regions and territories;  prophets in the air, soaring in the spirit and waiting upon the Lord to receive precise Rhema Words from heaven.



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