Journeying into the New Era

In a dream I had on 15.10.2022, I saw a large company of people travelling together. Everyone had backpacks on their backs and there was an adventurous atmosphere around them. I had the sense that these people were on an expedition, seeking out new lands that they would settle on. They were going to a new world, leaving the old behind and pursuing the unknown. I noticed a friend of mine in the group. By the smile on his face, you could tell that he was enjoying every minute of the journey. He was moving amongst the people, talking and laughing with them. I understood that this dear brother in faith was the reason why some of the group had joined the trip. He was one of the ones who had encouraged people to leave everything behind and go on this journey.

I spent some time inquiring of the Lord about the dream and I was given this interpretation:

The people on the journey represent parts of the Body of Christ. The journey that they are on is taking them into the New Era that is coming upon the earth. These people are forerunners, who are pursuing the heavenly things of the next age. They are those of whom it is said,

“who have once been enlightened (spiritually) and who have tasted and consciously experienced the heavenly gift and have shared in the Holy Spirit, and have tasted and consciously experienced the good word of God and the powers of the age (world) to come.” – Hebrews 6:5

These forerunners are already transitioning into the next age right now.

Some prophets have already prophesied about this New Era that we are coming into. Ever since we entered the decade, shaking has been occurring in the world and the shaking is continuing. The decade 2020 – 2030 is one of the transistion of the ages. Do not be so focused on what the enemy is doing that you do not see the new thing that  God is doing on the earth.

The verse above speaks of:

*         spiritual enlightenment: I believe this is revelation as given by the Spirit of God

*         The heavenly gift: Salvation by Grace

*         The Holy Spirit: The baptism of the Holy Spirit and fellowship with Him

*         Experiencing the good word of God: This is not just the knowledge of the Word, but experiential knowledge of it. Are you seeing the things written in the word manifesting in your life?

*         The powers of the age to come: I believe these are the “greater things” that we will do/experience that Jesus spoke about (John 14:12), including the delivery of creation from its bondage and the redemption of our bodies from sickness and death (Romans 8:18 – 23), as well as the workings of miracles like we have not yet seen before.

Tasting of something is not the same as enjoying the full meal. What we are experiencing now as believers is only a taste…there is SO MUCH MORE!

During this transition, the Lord is restoring power to the Body.

“My church has been asleep and powerless for too long.” says the Lord, “I am about to release my power to the church and many will operate in my creative power. You will see my sons going back and forth in the power of my spirit, as my witnesses to the nations. They will be a sign and a wonder to the world.”

I also heard the Lord say that he is going to break the yoke of religion that has kept his church from stepping into the supernatural. Watch as more and more believers step into the operation of signs and wonders outside of the church building.

Be on the lookout for the increase of reports of creative miracles. These miracles will be unlike those already seen in past revivals. The Lord is doing something completely new and the manifestation of His power will look different to what we have known.

Realms of Glory: The forerunners will be known as carriers of God’s glory, however, realms of God’s glory will manifest increasingly over believers as they gather together and call upon His name. You will hear of more and more of these reports from believers all over the world.

I believe my friend in the vision represents two things. On one hand he represented people whose role will be to gather and mobilise people who are ready to experience the things of the next age now. On the other hand I also felt that he represented the angelic assistance that is assigned to minister to this company of people as they transistion.

1.    Revelators

 There are those who are walking in the revelation of what God is doing, and as they transition, they will bring groups of people with them.

The Lord has been preparing people’s hearts. There are people who have been hungry for more of God, not fully understanding what they are hungry for but they have been unsatisfied with the status quo. They are ready to leave behind the old to receive the new. The message that the revelators carry resonates with them and they will be all-in for the journey. They become the company of forerunners.

2.       Angelic assitance

Angelic guides accompany and minister to the forerunners in various ways as they transition into the New Era (Hebrews 1:14) . If you are transitioning watch for new angelic activity around you. The people of the earth will also see a visible increase in the co-labouring between angels and men manifesting as wonders, as the forerunners gather and mobilise people.

“The use of symbols is the language of heaven and so the Lord may speak to us by sending an angel that is in the form of something or someone else. The angel may not appear with wings and wearing a white robe, but may appear as an image of somebody we respect and honor in the natural. In other words, God may use such a person to represent an angel in a dream.” (The Divinity Code to Understanding Angels – Adam Thomson & Adrien Beale).

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