Imprisoned Mothers and their Children

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May 2016

This was the second dream I had about prisoners, which I had in the same month as the previous post.

I dreamt I was in a house somewhere. It reminded me of some place in Asia, because there was a lot of wood and bamboo on the ceilings and the walls. The next information I am about to share was knowledge that I received about the house and what was going on in the house without having to move from the spot where I was standing.

I was given the knowledge that I was in a prostitute house. I never saw the prostitutes working though in my dream. I was also given the knowledge that the women were being held captive there. The women were falling pregnant on the job. Those women who were falling pregnant were then kept seperately somewhere else in the house, and when they gave birth to their children, the children would be taken away. The “management” of the house was particularly interested in little boys.

The baby boys would be taken away by the security. “What did they do with them? Where were they being taken to?” I wondered to myself. I was struck with terror just standing there and learning all of this. I understood that these boys would be raised in captivity by the “management” and then used by him for some evil purpose. He was raising an army! I was afraid of the security walking by and seeing me just standing there in the house. I did not receive any information about the baby girls.

I woke up, and immediately started to pray in the Spirit. As I prayed, I was back in the house. I rememeber tip-toeing around and looking for a key to the room where they kept the little babies. The room with the women who had just given birth was open. I remember encouraging the women to run, to escape and take their babies with them. I saw the room where the babies were being held.  In front of the door were two HUGE security guards. I cotinued to look for the key but I really did not have a plan or any idea how I was going to get past those two guards. Why would a nursery have guards stationed there anyways? To keep the mothers away from their children??

Unfortunately I woke up again at that point. I don’t know if those women ever escaped, or if those babies were ever freed. But I continued to pray after I woke up, against the sex-industry, agains human trafficking, I just prayed, but my prayers were more like shooting arrows in all direction. This dream really touched me, I will never forget it. My heart cries out to those mothers, and those babies who never had a chance; from the second they were born, they were handed over to the enemy. Even if they escaped, where would they have gone, how would they have taken care of themselves? Did they have families who would take them in? Just thinking about it, it makes me really, really sad.

I am posting a link below about Christian adoption from the website. Have a read and ponder the points listed in the article for yourself. I don’t know why, but I just felt like including it here in this post.

Adoption: The heart of the Gospel




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