Apostles of Fire


01.06.2019 I had a vision during prayer. I saw myself seated before the throne of God. Around the throne was a mighty fire that blazed and raged in different directions. As I sat there gazing upon it, my attention was drawn to the flames that flickered on the outermost part of the fire. When I focused on the flames, I saw that they were actually the heads of lions, roaring with open mouths. They were the heads of lions made completely out of fire. They were all over the fire of God and kept appearing and disappearing within Him.

Last weekend during praise and worship at the HOLY FIRE Conference in Leipzig, over the Pentecost weekend, I received understanding as to what this vision meant. The Lord had held back revelation in order to release it at the appointed time.

The vision appeared before my eyes again. I was made to understand that these were apostles that would be released upon the earth. They would be apostles born of God and born of fire, and that they would release the fire of God upon the earth. They would be invincible and unstoppable.

If this word speaks to you, I pray that the Lord would release you into the works that He has prepared for you to do. I pray for the grace for you to release the burning fire you carry within everywhere your foot treads. I pray that others would be caught alight when you minister to them and that they too may be consumed by the burning passion of God. May you leave burning footprints wherever you go, so that others who cross the same path that you walked would be ignited with burning love for the Father. Lord, send the burning apostles forth, release them Lord, release the burning ones upon the earth.

Stay blessed and stay on fire!


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