Imprisoned Mothers and their Children

May 2016 This was the second dream I had about prisoners, which I had in the same month as the previous post. I dreamt I was in a house somewhere. It reminded me of some place in Asia, because there was a lot of wood and bamboo on the ceilings and the walls. The next... Continue Reading →

Prisoners from all Nations

May 2016 In this dream I found myself standing in an open field. My eyes saw long buildings like warehouses, and in them, people were being held captive. I noticed that the prisoners were separated into categories. Men and women were kept separate, and nationalities were also kept separate. So it was a prison according... Continue Reading →

Prisoners under the Ocean

03 July 2016 This is a vision I received whilst praying in the Spirit during the praise and worship part of my church's service. I saw myself underwater in the ocean. There I saw many people bound by chains. Their bodies were floating with the current in the water but their feet were bound with... Continue Reading →

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