In my prayer time I found myself with Jesus. I was standing before Him, face to face in our secret place.

In this vision he had these huge wings that rose up from behind Him and towered over the both of us. He was overshadowing me with His wings.

Then I saw my own wings, those of my spirit man, reach up high till the tips of my wings touched the tip of His. I was reminded of the cherubim that arched over the Ark of Moses in the most holy place, and then I understood that we were arching.

In that position, we created a canopy, a sacred space and we stood beneath it just staring at each other. I was amazed.

This is what happens when we turn our attention towards Him, when we reach out to Him with all our being…we arc with Him, we create a sacred, intimate place, a palanquin, a bridal chamber in the spirit.

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