Father and Son

I went into my prayer closet and spent some time just worshiping and praying. My heart yearned to go back to the Father’s Garden where I had met Him last time, by the rose bushes. 

As I continued to pray, I saw myself descending the stairs which led to the Garden and I went through the vine-covered archway.  Immediately to the right grew the baby pink roses. They were huge, full of petals and they smelt so sweet. When I entered the garden, they turned their flower heads towards me and their fragrance hit me even stronger. I breathed it in deeply and joy filled my heart as I received their welcome.

That’s when I heard His voice. I turned my head to the left. There on the little patio, on the wooden garden furniture, sat Jesus and the Father. I was struck with awe just to see both of them together, sitting so casually in the Garden, dressed in white robes which radiated a golden light. The way the sat, it could have been any normal father and son on the earth, enjoying a moment together on a Saturday afternoon in the backyard. That is what arrested me about the scene; it was so normal yet it was the Creator of the universe and the King of Kings.

Then Jesus started to tell His Father a story. It was so funny, that Jesus couldn’t tell it without breaking out in laughter. I saw Him bending over the table, trying to maintain His composure unsuccessfully, tears flowing out of His eyes. It must have been something very hilarious.

Then I was captivated by the Father. He was looking at Jesus with such love and with such deep affection. I noticed how He was partially listening to the story unfold but was mostly just enthralled in the wonder of His Son, as parents often are when they look at their children.  Wow. This was the first time I had seen this type of intimacy between the Father and the Son. What a beautiful and holy moment.

I kept standing there at the entrance to the garden and kept watching Them together until I fell asleep. The Father and the Son.


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