Where the Bride Rests



In my prayer time this week I saw myself with a group of women. We were walking in darkness, but we all held a 7-armed lampstand in our right hand. We were all dressed in white.

As we walked, a tunnel suddenly opened up in front of us. The tunnel was like a horizontal, rushing whirlwind of fire. One by one, we entered into the portal. Inside the portal we traveled at great speed, it was as if we were on skateboards, but we all kept our balance.

We landed in a room which looked like some kind of holding room. We all looked at each other and smiled, even laughed because we had made it through the tunnel. Then angels came and we were given new white robes to wear, as well as golden sashes. We all still carried our burning lampstands. As we changed, excitement rose in the room. After we were dressed, we waited.

Then I saw Jesus walk into the room. He wore a golden crown, a white robe with a golden sash across His chest. We were dressed like Him, but His attire was much more exquisite than ours. He started to release a bright light right in the middle of His body. I knew that it was an open doorway for us to enter in. One by one, the Bbrides walked up to Jesus, looked Him full in the eyes, and then entered into Him, lampstand and all.

When it was my turn to look in His eyes, I saw how His eyes were a reddish colour, and in both of them I saw a reflection of Himself, Jesus, on the cross. It was shocking to see this image in His eyes, when His face was so beautiful and radiant. He nodded His head at me and I stepped into Him, into the light.

On the other side was a room. I saw many beds lined up in a row. When I looked closer, I realised that we weren’t in a room, but rather in a tent, the ceiling was a beautiful lace canopy. I was reminded of a bridal chuppa used in Jewish wedding ceremonies. The inside was beautifully decorated, with lights, soft pillows and a lot of fabric. Next to each bed was a bedside table where we could place our lampstands. There was also a plate of fruit to eat. Angels were moving about, receiving each one as we came in, and showing us to our resting place. They even tucked us into bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I knew I was about to go deeper still into an encounter with my Bridegroom King.

I believe that the fire-tunnel was a process of refining and purging that the Bride goes through, to be able to be presented without a spot or blemish to the Bridegroom . I also believe that the purification process is being accelerated by the Holy spirit for those who are willingly living altars and have laid their lives down. The 7-armed lampstand speaks of the oil that the wise virgins carried (Matthew 25), but also of the anointing of the 7 Spirits of God as seen in Isaiah 11:2. The Bride of Christ will walk in the fullness of the 7 Spirits, just as Jesus did when He was on the earth. The white dresses represent purity.

In the waiting room, the Bride was given robes which resembled Her Bridegrooms’. The colour gold symbolises the glory of God. The reflection of Jesus on the cross in Jesus’ eyes speaks of how the Bride must not only identify Herself with His beauty and radiance, but also with His suffering (Phil 3:10). This is part of being intimate with Him. The red colour of His eyes symbolises the blood of Jesus that was shed on Calvary.

Jesus said of Himself that He is the Light of the world (John 8:12), and John refers to Jesus as the light which shines in the darkness (John 1). Jesus also refers to Himself as a Door of the sheep, and says we can go in and out of Him. This is why the Bride could enter in through Him. On the other side was a place where She could REST. This is a special place for the Bride where she is ministered to by the angels, is nourished and can find rest.

I believe this vision was a beautiful picture of the bridal journey, but of course not the whole journey. There is much more to be said about this intimate binding between the Spirit of the Lord and ours and how the Bride keeps her lamp filled with oil. This is what the Holy Spirit chose to highlight to me.

Bless you guys



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