Trump and the Ivy



A vision

I saw a boardroom with a large, long table in the middle. Seated and standing around the table were modern day prophetic voices who had gathered. At the head of the table sat President Donald Trump. There was a lot of discussion going on about the current crisis that has hit the world, many voices were speaking. I understood that this was an advisory council for the president, but in the spirit.

I saw how the president was covered in Ivy. Then I saw how a sword was raised up, and I knew that it was the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. This was raised up and I saw it cut the ivy which had attached itself onto the president, I saw him being set free from this ivy by the Word of the Lord.

What is the ivy? The ivy is the elite who have attached themselves to President Trump, those who have used his administration to climb up higher and pursue their own selfish gain. The Sword of the Lord is rising, even now, and setting President Donald Trump free from the influences of the elite, those who do not care about the common man, those whose only gain is to increase their pockets with wealth at whatever cost.

The Sword is empowered by the prophetic declarations of the saints over their leader, as they speak words of truth over him, he is set free.


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