Vision of Bob Jones 14.02.2020


I have seen prophet Bob Jones a few times in visions during my prayer times. I felt like sharing this one visionary encounter I had on the 14.02.202 during worship at an event I attended in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend.

As we worshiped, I saw heaven open up over the congregation. Angels were peeking down at us. I also saw a very familiar face looking down, it was prophet Bob Jones. He smiled down at me, beckoned at me and I heard him say, “Come up here.” I continued to worship and I saw myself in the spirit start to ascend upwards towards the open heaven. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto a cloud. We stood looking out at the dark universe and at the planet earth.

I then saw trains which were flying around the earth. They seemed to be alive and I had the impression from the way that they were flying, that they were impatient. I know it’s wierd as trains in the natural cannot have feelings but this is the sense I received in the vision.

Bob Jones asked me, rather loudly, “What do you see girly ?” I replied that I saw trains hovering and moving around the earth.

He then asked me, “So where do they belong?” I replied that I did not know.

Then supernaturally, our vision zoomed into the continent of North America, and closer still until I was able to see the different states of the USA with their borderlines.

Bob Jones asked me again, “Where do the trains belong girl?”

I suddenly remembered a prophecy I had heard about last year called the Bob Jones Gulliver Prophecy (will post the link below). This is a prophetic word which speaks of the next great awakening and the cities in America that would be involved. I was very embarrassed in the vision that I didn’t which cities exactly would be hit with the glory. I knew that the city I was currently in, Atlanta, was also mentioned in that prophecy.

I’ve been obedient to do my research and there are 8 cities mentioned in the prophecy. I encourage you to listen to it yourself though, it’s very exciting.

One thing I took away from that vision was that the glory trains were very impatient to land at their specific target cities. I call them glory trains as that is what I understood them to be. A lot of the encounters I have heard in the spirit lately with Mr Jones is where we are either riding a train or he is driving a huge train. Either way, I believe that if we, as the Body of Christ, partner with heaven, through prayer and intercession, those trains are going to come down and hit the earth with more glory than has ever been seen before upon the earth.

Gulliver Prophecy – Bonnie Jones

Gulliver Prophecy – Bob Jones, Youtube

For current prophetic words please follow visionsforthisage on Instagram.

Keep praying for revival



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