The Inner River

The Holy Spirit is the water that we drink in the spirit realm. He is the water that bubbles up from deep, deep wells within our bellies, whose source goes all the way up to the throne of God. He is a free river, He likes to flow in whichever way and whatever direction He pleases. Where the Spirit is, there is freedom. Do not stifle His flow.

As we drink more and more from these living waters within us, which flow from heaven, we allow Him to lead our every step. The river dances in our souls to the worship that we offer the King, and through Him the Love of God is poured out in our hearts. The river brings the outpouring of love. We begin to learn this new dance and by faith, begin to move confidently to His leading.

The more we drink, the more we are freed from all striving and trying to make things happen by our own strength. We understand that we are weak and that all our strength comes from Him, we can achieve absolutely nothing on our own. We need not strive, we need only to dance and let the wind blow gently on our face. Breathe in, you are free. Throw your head back and laugh. Let joy, unspeakable joy, overflow out of your mouth. Listen as the music changes.

As we continue to drink daily, we are drawn more and more into the quiet within us, those moments when the surface of the river is totally calm. We pause more often and listen to Him as He instructs us with that inner voice of direction. We even see with our spiritual eyes different scenes that reflect on the surface of these waters, secrets and mysteries that He reveals to us in these moments of stillness. He would guide our every step if we would let Him.

Our thirst for Him increases and we cannot get enough of Him. Like a deer panting in the desert for water, we need Him, we cannot live without Him, and we need to drink. This is when we surrender our will completely and fall into His. His will is a deep and wide ocean, of which we are only a drop.

Now let the current of His will sweep you away to the places that he has prepared for you. Sometimes the current runs wild like white waters, sometimes there is a steep drop over a waterfall, which symbolises deeper levels of trust in Him, letting go and falling, knowing that He will always catch you. And then, once again the waters are calm and still. Like a child, play in the bubbling brook. Take off your shoes and put your feet in the stream. Relax, surrender…

Once you have practiced surrendering enough, you will start to find that you can hear and understand the waters. For the Spirit, which is this inner river, speaks with a voice of many waters. You learn to discern these voices and streams and start to partner with what they speak. When it is a season of rushing downstream, you enter into action. When it is a time to just sail, you dive deep within yourself, away from the outer world and become still.

Let the rivers flow, let the streams run, let the waterfalls fall.

Be blessed


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