The Basket Weaver – A Vision of Jesus


A vision from 21.05.2019

I was sitting with Jesus on the porch of a house, on the steps that led down to the garden. We were both playing the Ukelele and just enjoying the sun which was shining down on us. It suddenly struck me that I had been receiving so much training in the spirit realm lately, that I had not had time to just be with Jesus and enjoy His company, without the time being used for teaching and equipping. I stopped playing and turned to Him.

“Jesus,” I said to Him, “Lately most of the time when I am here in the spirit, I am being trained and equipped. But I miss just being with You. I want to get to know You even more, who you are as a person.”

He smiled at me when I said this and seemed pleased by it. Then He took my hand and I was taken into a series of visions.

Firstly I saw Jesus sitting on the beach talking to His disciples. In the vision my head was poking out of Jesus’ chest, sort of like how you would stick your head through the parting of a curtain to look through to the other side. It was like Jesus was the veil and I was peeking through Him, looking at the faces of the twelve disciples as He taught them. In this moment I also sensed the love that He had for these men. They were imperfect humans, just normal men, but He had so much love for them. I had the sense that they were like His children and His brothers and His friends all at the same time.

The next scene I was taken into was Jesus walking through a crowd. This time I was seeing the vision from behind. From the right I noticed a woman on the ground, desperately reaching out towards Jesus. She managed to grab the edge of His hem, and then I saw Him turn His body to the right. I only saw the side of His face.

In the next vision I saw Jesus standing next to two disciples and a young boy. The boy was holding up two fish towards Jesus. I knew Jesus was about to perform the miracle where He would feed 5.000 men.

Then I was shown a scene that I have never read in the Bible. The vision took place in what looked like part of a market in an old city. It reminded me of the city of Jerusalem from what I have seen in pictures and movies. My attention was drawn to a woman weaving a reed basket. Her fingers were nimble as they worked. She was leaning against a big rock. Next to her was a pile of baskets that were already finished. Then I saw Jesus approaching her. He looked tired and dirty, as if He had been walking a long time in the hot desert. He sat Himself next to her and leaned back on the rock.

Then He took out some bread from a little pouch He was carrying and offered her some. It was then that I noticed that the woman was blind. It was in the way that she turned her head to hear Him speak. She inclined her ears towards Him, but her eyes did not move to look at Him, they stared straight ahead. As they shared the piece of bread, Jesus drew her into conversation. I did not hear what they were saying, but they both were smiling and sometimes laughing. I was so touched to see how Jesus, although exhausted and tired from a long trip, was still caring enough to be friendly to this woman and just talk to her and share His bread with her.

And then something amazing happened. The woman stopped talking, stared in front of her, and then suddenly stood up. She started looking around her, fixing her eyes on different objects in the marketplace. She started shouting at the top of her voice, “I can see! I can see!” Jesus had just performed a miracle on her unawares during their conversation. She was sooo excited, she kept shouting and telling the people that were going by. Honestly I don’t know in what language she spoke but I understood it in English.

Wow. That’s Jesus right there.

The next scene I saw was Jesus, still at the same marketplace, carrying a large basket on His back filled with bread (I assumed the basket had been woven by the old woman). There were many dirty children around Him and Jesus was handing the bread out to them. I understood that they were orphans. There was so much compassion on His face, His love was just radiating out from Him.

The next scene I found myself standing next to Jesus. We were surrounded by the orphans and the poor. I said to Jesus, “Where do I even start Lord, there is so much need.” He replied, “That is the keyword, just START somewhere.”

In the last scene I was sitting next to Jesus, our backs leaning against the rock where the old, blind woman had sat. The Lord said to me,

“If you really want to know me, then sit with the poor. My heart is with the orphans, my heart is with the widows. To know me you must sit with the poor.”

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