The Council of the Righteous Ones


The Lord started to show me in the spirit, an assembly that meets in the heavens.

During my prayer watch, I found myself, in a vision, at a great assembly. It looked like a parliamentary meeting was taking place. The seats were arranged in a semicircle and when I entered the vision, the meeting had already started.

Everyone was wearing white robes. They all turned to look at me as I appeared out of nowhere on the scene. I was also confused to find myself at this place. There was no roof over us, I could see the expanse of the starry universe above, as if this assembly was somewhere between heaven and earth. There were also many angels who were hovering over the gathering.

As I was taking this all in, someone rose up and came to usher me to my seat. As I sat down, I asked them where I was. They told me that this was the Counsel of the Righteous Ones, where ethical matters taking place on the earth are discussed. They also told me that the counsel was made up of the saints who are already in heaven, of believers who are still living on earth who attend the meeting in the spirit, as well as angels who are responsible over regions and territories of the earth.

Wow…to say I was blown away is an understatement. I wondered what on earth I was doing there…maybe to be a witness I thought.

Then the meeting proceeding and I found out that the topic on the agenda was abortion. I cannot say more than that because thereafter I was taken into another vision and did not see anymore.

That is the background to what I actually want to share about my weekend in Freilassing, Germany at the Cindy Jacobs Conference. On Friday night of the 10.05.2019, as Cindy Jacobs was prophesying over Germany, I was shown a vision once again of this counsel. This time I knew where my seat was and directly went to sit down. The whole time I was seeing the vision and hearing the words of Cindy Jacobs. Then the floor opened up at the centre of the gathering and we could see the planet earth below us. The voice of Cindy was rising up from the earth and we could all hear it. We listened as she decreed and declared.

Then I saw a plumb line which was dropped down from the assembly and I saw that it landed on German soil. Measurements were taken and then the plumb line was drawn up soon after Cindy Jacobs had stopped prophesying.

Then judgement was made. I heard in my spirit how the Counsel of the Righteous Ones made a decision to come into agreement with all the utterances of Cindy Jacob, and how this decision of support would be taken further to a higher court.

WOW…that vision took my breath away even more than the first. It’s amazing how God works. First He reveals to me that a counsel like this even exists, a few days before I went to the conference, and then He shows me even more in the spirit about how the counsel operates. The prayers that we pray over nations and regions all get heard and it seems like there is a systematic way that these prayer requests are processed.

We know that praying in agreement with one another here on earth is very powerful, but how much more then when even the councils of heaven pray in agreement with us?

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