A Word for South Africa



Two weeks ago I had the impression that the Lord is saying that as South African is entering the winter season, that even now many seeds are being planted through prayer and intercession. That these seeds will be buried in the ground and will be hidden throughout the winter season. But behold when the winter ends, they will spring forth with power and might and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I felt as if the Lord was saying South Africa, stand strong and firm in faith throughout the election season, that He has heard and smelt the beautiful fragrance of the prayers of intercession, He has captured every tear of sorrow that the righteous ones have wept because of the injustice and other strongholds over the country. He WILL turn the sorrow into joy, for those who sow in tears will reap with songs of JOY. (Psalm 136: 5-6).

  • The seeds are being sown even now through prayer and intercession
  • They (the seeds) are being hidden in Christ during the winter season of South Africa
  • They will spring forth with power and might when the winter ends
  • Songs of Joy will resound all over South Africa after the winter
  • Stand strong in faith you righteous ones and persevere.

Stay blessed in God


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