Divine Strategies

Yesterday the Lord took me in a vision. We were standing in a desert place.

Suddenly I saw an uncountable number of people coming towards us from every corner of the earth. People from all nations and tongues gathered at this place. They came like a sea flooding the desert.

Then the Lord took me up onto the mountain. He sat on a mighty throne, surrounded by His cloud of glory. I saw angels of varying sizes all around the mountain top and I saw the multitudes of people on the ground below.

I also saw on the moutain top a crowd of people. I understood by the Spirit that these were 70 elders, apostles and prophets of the earth who had been chosen for such a time as this. I further understood that we were standing on Mount Zion.

Then a mighty book was opened and a name was called. A man came up to the moutain top. He was handed a scroll with writing on it.

And then another name was called and this person too came up the mountain to take their scroll. They opened their scroll, which was a bit larger than the previous one. On it was a design for a building. The design was written in a blue ink that sparkled and shined…as if the ink was alive.

The Spirit made me understand that these were divine strategies and divine blueprints that were being handed out. Strategies for personal warfare, for families, for businesses, churches, ministries, cities and nations!!!

After each person was given their scroll, members of the 70 Elders would lay hands on them to equip and release them. It was incredible to witness.

Now is the time to receive that divine strategy that will break the yoke upon you, that will tear down the strongholds over you, that will bring increase and prosperity, that will take you from glory to glory. Go to the Father right now and RECEIVE!

Be blessed


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