Prophets and Intercessors


The Lord started showing me visions at the end of last year containing revelation about the prophets and the intercessors that pray for the nations.

The Lord took me into the universe. I stood next to Him and we looked down at the planet earth. I saw four gigantic chairs suspended in mid air at the four compass points of the earth (North, South, East and West). They were all facing the earth. And then I saw the spirits of the prophets from earth coming up. They took their place on the chairs and they started to prophesy over the nations. I saw how as they spoke, the continents of the earth trembled. I saw masses of people who were moving and being affected by the words that the prophets spoke. They were decreeing and declaring God’s purposes on the earth. I understood that the prophets of the earth took turns coming up and sitting on the chairs to prophesy.

Prophet Arise!

A vision from this year

I stood next to Abba Father in the universe looking down at the earth. I felt the Father’s love for His beautiful creation. His heart was breaking not only at the decay of His magnificent works, but also for all the lost, broken, blinded, deceived, imprisoned and hurting; His children.

We draw closer to the earth and started to circle it. Then I noticed a bench that spiraled the earth. The beginning of the bench was connected to the end. Then I saw the intercessors taking their place on the bench. Intercessors from all nations took their place around the earth and started to pray and cry out to God for the nations. They prayed according to the Father’s heart, they travailed His will and purposes over the earth.

Abba Father loves his intercessors.

And then I saw the four big chairs of the prophets strategically placed behind the intercessors. I saw how the intercessors received the prophetic words of the prophets like burdens and prayed them through.

And He raised us up together with Him [when we believed], and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, [because we are] in Christ Jesus,



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