Discerning Wolves / Intercession against Deception



Lord raise up in our generation teachers like the teachers of old. Those who wept for the lost sheep, those who warred with the Sword of Truth which is the Word of God. We need teachers of truth God, here and now in this generation. Raise them and set them on a hill to shine, so that all men would be drawn to them. For a city that shines on a hill cannot be hidden. Lord hear my prayer.

Lord my heart bleeds at the deception that is so rife. Lord open up the eyes of men that they may see. Lord pour out your Spirit of discernment among your children, pour out a hunger and a thirst for the truth. Lord surround your beloved Bride with the Light of Truth. Lord create in us a clean heart. May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our heart be ever pleasing to You God.

God I weep for the nations, I weep for the lost, I weep for the deceived. My heart is stirred by injustice. Lord the path is narrow but by Your strength we can walk it, by Your Spirit God. Lord call out your Bride from among them, call her out of Babylon. Cleanse us and wash us and make us as pure as snow.Your sheep shall hear Your voice.

Hear my heart’s cry God, for I cannot suffer to see this. If it breaks my heart how much more does it break Your. Lead us God, lead us on the path of life. Lead us in truth.

From the North to the South, to the West and East, the prince of lies roams the earth to deceive. Blow your winds of truth upon us Lord. Pour out Your Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Fill us Lord till we overflow with Your wisdom. If we ask in faith we shall receive it.

Stand at the city gate you gatekepers and discern. What you bind shall be bound and what you loose shall be loosed. For the lies of the enemy shall not come rushing into the city like a flood to destroy the people. Raise up a banner you gatekeepers and watchmen of the Lord.

You walked the earth preaching to all men: I have come to give you the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Oh Lord rise up on behalf of your children and break the yoke of the false prophets. Where your presence flows the darkness shall flee. Let your light shine upon us. We seek Your face in the darkness, in the shadows  we call out Your name.

Oh Lord hear my prayer


Samantha Nqoko




One thought on “Discerning Wolves / Intercession against Deception

  1. Just read your article interesting read. God does not raise up men to serve him. God raises up men who seek him . Man since recorded history has always enslaved other men been that way for thousands o f years and still is going on today around the world. It is that man that gets tired of being enslaved by the altars of man that walks away and searches for one God to serve that will make the difference in the lives of others around him. That is what made America great they broke the chains of slavery to the monarchs of England, 1776, the only nation in history to do that. Now you see the kings and queens of the courts of Congress in a concerted effort to enslave America to a new Socialism. To often I see people write that God serves them that is as old as the ancient Sumerian civilizations 8000 thousand years ago. I left the altars of man 14 yrs ago traveled in the wilderness of America and found my God who I serve and teach others about, one God, one Nation, one Family.


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