Kurzer Bericht: Gebet für Deutschland

Am vergangenen Wochenende habe ich an der Veranstaltung "Gebet für Deutschland" auf dem Gebetsberg in Lüdenscheid teilgenommen. Ich wollte diese Art von Gebet erleben: prophetisch beten, auf das reagieren, was der Heilige Geist offenbart, mit Autorität und Kraft beten und Buße tun. Wow, was für ein Erlebnis!!!! Ich war wegen meines Zuges verspätet, und musste... Continue Reading →

How Do I Receive the Glory of God?

By: Pastor Doug Bird! Are you ready to receive the glory? Are you ready to receive all that God has for you? Many have asked, “What does that mean? What is the glory of God? How do I receive it?” That’s a great question. I can tell you this: It’s GOOD! It’s life-changing! It’s never…... Continue Reading →

Supernatural Overflow

Do you know that wonderful story of the prophet Elijah and the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:8-16). There was a drought in the land, food and water were scarce. A woman who had lost her husband and was raising a little boy alone was down to her last portion of oil and flour. She... Continue Reading →

Doors of Glory 2: Wisdom, Knowledge

Continuing from Doors of Glory 1... On the second door was a shield with the words “Knowledge, Wisdom” written on it. Once again I opened the door and the Lord and I went through. This time there was no nasty surprise waiting for me. Instead the Lord started to teach me. “Beloved, seek knowledge, but... Continue Reading →

Doors of Glory 1: Fear

Doors of Glory I stood next to the Lord before the first door. We had been walking together on a narrow pathway made of clouds, just a few centimetres off the ground, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. As we had approached the first door, I had seen many other doors behind it. They formed... Continue Reading →

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