Visions of the Son of Man


Yesterday as I lay on my couch and was just soaking in the presence of God, I saw a vision.

In this vision I was standing next to Jesus in the heavenly realms. What did he look like? He was wearing a long white robe with a golden sash around his midrif. He looked exactly like the beautiful painting by the young artist Akiane (link below). This ist the form that Jesus chose to appear to me. The thing that drew me most to him were His eyes, they were so piercing, as if if they were searching my soul when He looked at me.

He said to me, „Look at me“

I resolved to look at Him and keep looking at Him even though His gaze was so penetrating. As I kept looking upon my Lord, He transformed in front of my very eyes. At first I only noticed the change in His eyes, I saw flames dancing in them. The more I stared, the more fiery His eyes became. Then He started to emit a bright light. I kept looking at this wonder. His skin turned a bluish colour and His hair became as white as snow. I noticed something glowing on the floor which was different from the light He was radiating. I looked down. It was His feet, they shone like glowing bronze.

I was astounded! How I even managed to speak is beyond me. „Jesus…ist that you? “ I asked.

Suddenly He put his hand on my forehead and alI my strength left me. I crumbled and fell.

Revelations 1: 12-20

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