Water, Fire and Wind…A Journey to the Father



I lay on the bed praying in the spirit. As I did this I saw myself in a great hall. The room seemed to be covered in gold and it (the room) was radiating. The Lord stood at my right. The air all around me felt so thick, so heavy and warm.

He looked me straight in the eyes, offered me His hand and asked me, “Are you ready to go to the Father?”. I looked ahead of me. Quit far off in the distance I saw a great throne. Around the throne I saw clouds, smoke and flashes of lightning. I nodded to the Lord in agreement, however there was that thing in the air,that thick tangible substance that made me weak. I felt like I had no strength in my arms or legs. It was the presence of God.

“Lord, I have no strength” I said, ” How can I walk?”

” I am here, I will help you.” He answered.

He took my right arm to support me. I suddenly felt someone on my left who took my arm. I did not see His face or form. It must have been the Holy Spirit. Slowly we started walking forward one step at a time. It was so difficult just taking one step. The presence of God was so strong and so thick. It occupied every single molecule of air and gave it substance. One foot after the other…

After some time we approached steps going downwards. I noticed that there was a river of water flowing from the east to the west. The three of us went down into the water. At first the water reached up to our ankles, and then further on it reached up to our knees, even further on it reached up to our waists. We kept going and soon the water reached up to our chests. Only a few steps more and we were fully immersed under water. I looked over to Jesus under the water and I saw him smiling at me. We kept going until we reached steps going upwards. We went up the steps until we landed on the other side of the river. All of this was taking place indoors inside the great hall.

After that I felt better, I could walk forward easier but it was still a bit of a struggle, I still needed the support of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We kept going, one step after the other.

After some time we came to other steps leading downwards. At the bottom I saw a circular area. In it was a raging fire which was turning continuously around the area. The fire was suspended in the air and was just going round and round and round. I suddenly panicked. “Lord! I cannot go in there, ” I protested, “for surely I shall die.”

Once again Jesus assured me, “I am with you always, even till the very end.”

That He was going to go down with me gave me some courage. All three of us started descending down the stairs. When we reached the bottom, we stood still. The fire came and passed amongst us. It was not hot. It felt so good. We stood there and just let the fire pass through us over and over again. Something changed inside of me. Soon I found myself hungering for the fire. I started to walk in the opposite direction of the fire, just so I could meet it as it circled around. I started to pray in tongues as I circled the area…soon I realised that I was prophesying in tongues. There was a weight, a heaviness to the words that were pouring out of my mouth; that same heaviness that was in the air. I was speaking the things of God. We stayed in this are for a long time. I wish I could’ve stayed much longer but Jesus signaled me that we had to keep going.

We walked up the steps. I felt so much lighter at the top. I felt like I had been purified. I still needed a little help moving forward but I could almost walk freely on my own. We kept going, the throne of God was closer now. We were still inside the great hall. I wondered how big this room actually was. It’s dimensions astounded me.

Soon we approached more steps going down. Once again I saw another circular area down below. This time however I saw a rushing wind traveling round and round the area. I was excited and very keen to step down and experience this new thing. We went down and stood still. The wind would rush around us as it passed us. You could not speak there because it was so loud. I stood there and let it refresh me. I breathed in deeply and felt such peace. I was in a mighty rushing wind but I had so much peace in me, I could have slept there like a baby.

Not long after, we exited this area too. From now on it would be straight going. The Father waited for us and I felt such a longing to be with Him. I felt energised. We started to run towards his throne. I was free, I felt so light. I couldn’t wait to run into the Father’s arms.

Be blessed


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