From Child to Bride – Footsteps in the Sand



Tonight in my secret place I sought the Lord through worship. The Holy Spirit showed me a vision as I prayed in tongues. I saw the Lord walking on the beach before me. He was dressed in a white garment with a wide, golden belt around his midrif. Over his shoulders fell a red mantle that was blowing in the wind in the direction of the ocean. On his head was a crown. He was barefoot.

Every step He took seemed to be deliberate. The whole scene felt like it was happening in slow motion. I saw the footprints He had made in the sand. I walked after Him. He looked behind at me and beckoned me to follow Him.

Then I the vision changed and seemed to speed up. I saw myself as a small baby, crawling after Jesus. Then I saw myself as a toddler walking unsurely on my legs, as if I had just learnt to walk. I stumbled after him still. Then I saw myself as a little child and I started running after Him. The whole time He would keep walking forward in that slow deliberate walk of His. Regularly He would beckon me to keep following Him.

As I went through the various stages of development, I kept going after Him. I kept my eyes on every step that he took. His feet seemed to mesmerise me. Follow me He kept beckoning.

Eventually I reached His side. I was a young woman and I was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress. “Well done”, He said, “You have reached maturity my Beloved.”

Now I was walking with Him side by side, a bride next to her Bridegroom. I was without a spot or a blemish, without any wrinkles. Everything slowed down again. I heard the waves crashing on the shores, I felt the sea breeze on my face. I tried to keep up with Jesus’ pace. At first I was walking to fast, I had to slow down and tune in into His rhythm. Soon I was walking in accord with Him, every step He took was my step, His heartbeat was now my heartbeat and it was absolutely beautiful. Nothing else mattered but this, walking with Him, in one accord.

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