When the Mountains Worship

At the end of last year I spent a week in the french mountains. It was a beautiful experience that has carried me throughout this year. Something happened to my spirit up there, I understood why Moses spent 40 days on mount Hebron, and why Caleb wanted to inherit the mountain regions in the promised land.

I was praying yesterday…God take me to the mountains again, I want to experience you in that way again.

As I lay down to sleep at night, I had a vision where I was sitting on a very high mountain surrounded by many other lower mountains. As far as the eye could see were only mountains. As I asked God in my heart where I was He replied, “You asked me to take you to the mountains didn’t you?”. As He said this, the mountains all around me broke into worship. It was such a powerful, beautiful sound. The mountains praised the God of all the earth. My soul lifted in me and I joined in on the worship. I was full of awe.

Every word written in the Bible is true. One day we will experience it, everyone of us.

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