The Four Horsemen



A vision I had during prayer.

I stood in the throne room at the feet of the Most High. There came a white horse pulling a golden carriage which stood still before the Lord. There was a man driving the carriage but there was so much light radiating from him, from the horse and the carriage, I could not make out his features. The carriage was intricately decorated with jewels of every kind and every colour. Then I noticed something about the design of the carriage. The man driving the carriage only had enough room to stand. Behind him the horse was pulling somethings that looked like a huge open container/crate. It was gold and richly decorated, but in form it looked like a container open at the top. This is the best way I can describe it.

I saw that the container was full of treasure. There were gold coins, rubies, diamonds…any treasure you could think of filled the container. I asked the Lord what this meant and He answered me, “These are the financial blessings that I am sending to my faithful ones on the earth. I am about to pour out financial blessings on my children who have been praying and waiting in faith. These treasures have been taken out of my own storehouse, I AM Jehova Jireh, I keep my promises to the faithful”

The first horse left and another came to stand in front of the King. The horse and the rider were just as bright as the first. This time however, the container was filled with fruit of all kinds. I asked the Lord again what this meant. He answered me, ” These are the fruits that my righteous ones on earth are bearing. The more earnestly they walk the narrow path, the more they are being changed then the more fruit they bear. This fruit testifies to their character which they display on the earth. A great harvest awaits the righteous ones and these fruits will be stored in the storehouses. Nothing here perishes or goes to waste “

The rider left and once again there came another who stood before the feet of God. I was able to see what was in the container. It was full of blood. Dismayed I asked the Lord to explain this to me. He answered, “This is the blood of the saints and martyrs who have not loved their lives till the death. Their blood is a testimony and it cries out to me for justice. I will come to avenge all my children who have been slain for My name’s sake, revenge is mine. But my children, they will receive a crown of life at the appointed time.”

I was incredibly amazed at all of this and could hardly speak. This horse did not leave the heavens, yet was driven to another location.

The last horse I saw did not pull a golden container, instead it was made of wood and it seemed to be old and rugged. Inside the container were many wooden crosses. For the last time I asked the Lord what this meant. He answered me, “These are the crosses that my children must bear. Daily they are to take up and carry their cross in the world. These crosses will be delivered to all those who are new in the faith. My will is not that my children suffer, however because my children are in the world, they will be hated by the world. What they did to the master they will also do to the servant. Time is short and the darkness is increasing upon the earth. Those who run the race, carry their cross and are led by My Spirit will receive eternal life.”

I hope this blesses you


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