Have Faith in God



Early this morning I was praying to God.

In a vision I saw myself standing at the shore. I heard the voice of God ask me,

“My child, what do you hear?”

I listened. It was quiet except for the waves breaking gently on the shore, over and over again. I answered,

“I hear the waves Lord.”

And then God said,

“Beloved, the waves you hear and see are formed by wind that blows over the water. The tides are a result of the forces between the sun, the moon and the earth. Both these factors cannot be seen, yet their effect is visible on the water.

So is it with Me. You may not see Me working behind the scenes but I am working in your life. You will see the fruits of My labour when they manifest in your life.  I am working everything for your good. You do not see it with your natural eyes but I am working. Believe it, have faith in Me. I have never left you nor forsaken you and I never will. “


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