Leaps of Faith


Wow! God has been really challenging me lately to trust Him. I have been going through situations in the last few months where I could do nothing in my human power to solve the problem. I had to learn to just cry out to God and then BELIEVE that He would come through for me. The Book of Psalms has some wonderful prayers that you can pray when you are in dire need. King David knew all about being helpless and relying on God for supernatural turnaround. I went through a season where I was praying through the Book of Psalms almost every night.

There were situations where I would cry out and say, “Ok God, this is way too big for me. I cannot solve this, I can’t even handle it. Come Lord, step into this situation and turn things around. I can’t but You can Lord.” I have experienced God working miracles in my life, even if they were little miracles, to me they were big miracles. I have seen God coming through for me again and again. He put me in those tight situations on purpose so that I would learn to let go and let Him be God in the situation. It’s a two-step process; pray and then wait expectantly!

Waiting expectantly means you are not worrying about the matter and you do not keep coming to God about it over and over again (there are different types of prayers; a prayer of commitment or a petition is where you give God your petition and then you walk away, having faith that you will receive what you have prayed for. Prayers of persistance are different. These are requests that we persistently bring up to God in prayer. Remember the parable of the widow who kept bugging the judge? Also read Luke 11: 5-8. I recommend Derek Prince’s book Secrets of a Prayer Warrior for more about different types of prayer).

The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness was also close to my heart during this time. They had to rely on God for everything: food, water and victory for every battle they fought. It was only by God’s grace, power and mercy that they eventually possessed the promised land.

God has been stripping me of self-sufficiency, which is sin, and has been leading me into deeper levels of trust. God showed me that our relationship could not go further because I did not have complete trust in Him. It has not been easy. It was like being thrown into deep waters. The secret though, is that if you try to swim on your own, you will miss Jesus holding out His hand to you so you can walk on the waters with Him. Keep calm and have faith! Let go and let God.

Last night I had a beautiful picture in my mind as I was falling asleep. I was on a wide swing with two other people on either side of me. The swing was wooden and the ropes attached to the strings went all the way into the heavens. I did not see where they ended because they disappeared into the clouds. On either side of me were two godly men whom I respect very much from my congregation. I looked down and saw that we were swinging over a precipice. The edge of the cliff was quiet vertical and as we swung over the edge, I tried to see what was below. The fall was so great, I could not even see the ground . On the right side of us was a mountain facing the west with a great waterfall. Lower down I saw a rainbow being reflected over the waterfall, much like the picture above. It was beautiful.

As I sat there this thought crossed my mind; Which of us three would be the first to jump off the swing and trust God that no harm would befall us?

As I pondered this, the answer came to mind. It would obviously be the man who was on my left. He is someone whose faith God has tested by fire over and over again, and he has withstood many of those test. He has so much faith, enough to even carry people who have little faith. That is a man when He says I trust God, he really means it with all his heart, no doubt.

Now I am not recommending that anybody go jump off a cliff. I believe the picture yesterday was a message for me, that God wants me (and the other two people in the vision) to take a leap of faith and to completely rely on His promises (rainbow).

A day before I left South Africa to come back to Germany, I saw something amazing. I was driving with my parents to the airport. I noticed on the right side of the car a rainbow in the sky. It wasn’t a full rainbow curve, just a portion of it, but I had never seen it like this before. It looked like three rainbows stacked on top of each other, with the second more faded than the first and the third even more fainter than the second but still visible.

My dear brothers and sisters, let us hold on tightly to the promises of God. There are literally thousands of promises in the Bible. We are incredibly and richly blessed with God’s promises for us.

One verse that I received at the beginning of this year, and which kept popping up throughout the year and is now literally my verse of the year is Isaiah 54:5

For your Maker is your husband, The Lord of hosts is His name; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel; He is called the God of the whole earth.

As a single mother this verse is close to my heart when I enter the courts of heaven to bring my petition to God, especially when I pray to God to provide for me financially and to protect me. A normal husband is to love, protect,shelter and provide for his family and I stand on this verse sometimes when I pray to God. Other times I stand on verses that talk about how God is a good Father who desires to give His children only good things. Other times I stand on verses about the blood of Jesus which covers me, delivers me, heals and redeems me. Other times I stand on the Word of God, it is written….

There are so many assurances that we have been given in the Bible about God’s faithfulness, how could we not trust Him actually?? He is the creator of the heavens and the earth, he knows everyone of us by name, He knows the number or hairs on our heads. He knows EVERYTHING, He WAS and Is and IS TO COME. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty trustworthy God to me, and if there are trust issues between you and God, it’s not on Him, the issue is with you. Ask yourself why you are struggling to give God complete trust…deal with the source so that you can grow in your walk with God.

I prayed tonight and repented for walking in unbelief. I then rebuked the spirit of unbelief over my life. I asked God to give me the gift of faith, which is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Trust in Him.

Be blessed


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  1. And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. You were never made for the man but to witness creation of the sons and daughters of the King your LORD God you are on the right path, just a brother in Christ


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