We Have Been Deceived


We have been deceived and have forgotten who we are. Many have undergone the journey that begins and ends at the old rugged cross upon the hill. That journey that leads to our death so that we may be born again. Yet still they remain blind, deaf and mute. Many who are now in the light have been entertaining the lies of the enemy,

“You are nothing, you will never amount to anything. There is nothing special about you!”

Lies, all lies!


You are a chosen generation, you are a royal priesthood ( 1 Pet 2.9). Offer up your praise sacrifices (Heb 13.15), your worship, your petitions and supplications and your sweet-smelling prayers to the Ancient of Days (Rev 5.8). Offer yourself as a living sacrifice to the God of Ages (Rom 12.1) . Bring your intercession into the courts of heaven before the Almighty God. These are your priestly duties.


Yes some of us have even believed that we were born by accident, that our lives are meaningless. Oh Lord I cry out for this lost generation. Open up their eyes so that they may see who they are.

How You formed them fearfully and wonderfully, each and every one of them, in their mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13,14), how they are engraved in the palms of Your hand (Isaiah 49.16). You have planned their lives even before you laid the foundations of the earth (Eph 1.4). You have shed the blood of your only son so that they may call You Father. You have torn the curtain so that all may come into Your presence. Oh Father, pour out Your love into their hearts through your Holy Spirit (Rom 5.5). May He, who brings truth and is a comforter, reveal to them the width, length, depth and breadth of the love of Christ (Eph 3:18,19).


Weak? Pathetic? Yes those may be the labels we were given by our enemy.

We repent Lord for allowing ourselves to be branded like this. Bring us into the knowledge that we are mighty warriors in your kingdom, that we are more than conquerors (Rom 8.37).

You are Jehova Sabaoth, the Lord of Host is Your name (Psalm 46). You are man of war (Exo 15), the commander of angel armies (Rev 19: 11-21), You who overcame Death and hold the keys to Hades (Rev 1.18). You are the King of kings the Lord of lords and You have given us, ALL authority over the power of the enemy, over every scorpion and snake that threatens us. Nothing shall by any means hurt us (Luke 10.19).


Look in the mirror and see the reflection of Jesus. You are made in the image of God. You are hidden in Christ. You are righteous, holy, forgiven, royal, favoured, richly blessed, a child of God, a temple of the Lord, a disciple of Christ, your name is written in the books of heaven, you are beautiful, you are loved more than you can ever comprehend with your human mind. Beloved, you are so loved.

Be blessed


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