An Encouragement for Prophets and Seers 6


Prophets, get ready! God is going to use you amazingly to decree and declare His will out into the earth. God is going to use seers, scribes and prophets of all kinds to bring down heaven to earth. You are going to receive major breakthrough in your prophetic gift and ministry and extraodinary grace and authority to decree and declare God’s seasons, plans and judgements upon the earth.

15 But I am the Lord your God,
Who divided the sea whose waves roared—
The Lord of hosts is His name.
16 And I have put My words in your mouth;
I have covered you with the shadow of My hand,
That I may plant the heavens,
Lay the foundations of the earth,
And say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’”

Isaiah 51: 15,16

In my previous blogppost I wrote about my weekend in Cologne  where I received deliverance and a wonderful vision (Coming around full circle). I wanted to write about the prayer time I had the Monday night after that Sunday. I just wanted to thank my amazing God for what had transpired the day before. After worshiping, praising and praying I received a vision.

I found myself in a great hall. A group of people greeted me as I entered . We greeted each other with joy, as if we knew each other well although I did not recognise any of the faces and I cannot recall them now either. After hugging and greeting everyone, I asked the group where I could find Jesus because I had so much to talk about with Him. They pointed to a door on the other side of the hall. I ran over there and that is when I noticed what I was wearing.  I was wearing a white wedding dress, over it a long red robe with a spotted white lining and a crown on my head.

I excitedly opened the door and immediately fell over backwards from fright. There was a very large lion in the room, the sight of Him completely took my breath away. It was only when I noticed the crown on His head that I realised that it was the Lion of Judah, Jesus Himself.

I got up, came into the room, my heart dancing just to see Him and be with Him. He greeted me by licking and breathing on my face. It felt so good to be there in His presence, I buried myself in His mane. I completely forgot everything I wanted to tell Him, I just wanted Him to talk and all I wanted to do was listen.

“Speak to me Jesus, I am here,” I said.

Write it down!” was the reply that I received. I looked around the room and noticed a middle-sized table with chairs around it, an open book on the table and a pen next to it. I sat myself down in front of the book, wondering what I was to write.

Write!” came the command once more. The Great Lion starting pacing the room back and forth and started to roar. As He roared, I wrote down in that book. I have no knowledge of what I wrote;  in the natural I could not understand the roaring and I also did not actually see what words I was writing. Maybe it is a sealed message that is still to be revealed.

Two or three days later I saw the vision again during my prayer time. It took off right where it had left off previously. I was sitting at the table writing. As I finished, the Great Lion instructed me to go to the window at the end of the room and to proclaim the things I had written.

I went to the window, it opened out into a garden. There were Hortensia bushes of all different shades and colours growing all over the garden. The garden gave way to an open field that went as far as the eye could see. I started to read from what I had written. As I read, I felt the earth tremble. I paused, realising that whatever was written on those pages had power. I started reading further with more confidence and authority, now aware that something great was happening here. As I read, I suddenly felt the piece of ground under my feet start rising. The ground around me broke off from the rest and starting to rise and rise, until I broke through the ceiling of the room we had been in.

Soon I was above the ceiling. I kept on reading and kept on rising. It was incredible. I saw the great lion running up the now tower of land in a spiral, round and round until he reached me at the top. The ground had stopped rising and we were high in the sky.

The Great Lion then instructed me to proclaim the things written in the book first to the North, which I did. Then I was instructed to proclaim them to the West, then to the South. As I faced the South, I felt a strong wind blowing from that direction. Although we were high up, I did not fear that I would be blown off from the top. Eventually I faced the East and in that direction too, I read from the book and proclaimed.

This is one of the most amazing visions I have ever had. I know that it does not only apply to me. Prophet prepare yourself! Our God will use His prophets to set into motion great things that are coming down from heaven to all corners of the earth, things that are earth-shattering, rooftop-blowing and powerfuly annointed. Get ready!


God Bless


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