The City of the Burning Ones


Sunday 18.02.18

I received this vision during praise and worship at my church.

As we were singing I saw a great Lion enter our church, on His head he wore a crown. I saw how the ceiling of the church had disappeared. I could see blue skies with some clouds above me. I saw how the Lion of Judah sprang up towards the ceiling and stood at the top of the church wall. He looked at me, signaling that I was to follow Him.

Next thing I knew, I was standing next the great Lion on a cloud, and we started to walk in the heavens on the clouds. I did not know where I was going but I felt so safe with Him beside me.

After a while we reached a city in the clouds. We jumped down from the clouds and landed at the city gate. There was an arch over the entrance. In the middle on this arch was a golden sculpture of a head of a  lion. As soon as I took my first step through the gate a felt as if I had stepped into another place. The air was thick with His presence. My flesh was transformed within an nth of a millisecond. I no longer felt my heavy body, I felt so light. My hair also in that split time turned into a flame that flowed around on my head, as if a gentle breeze was blowing it.

Then I saw people coming out of the houses. They too had the same hair that I did.

“Where are we?” I asked the great Lion.

“We are in the city of the burning ones,” he replied, “These are my burning ones. These are the ones who suffered for me until the end, who did not love their lives to the death”

I saw how the people gathered around us. One person came over to welcome me, she took my hand and the flame of fire on our heads spread over our whole bodies. There was so much power in unity. A small child also came forward, riding on a tricycle. I was surprised to see how he too had hair like a flame on his little head.

“There are children here too!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, “ the great Lion replied, “They too are my burning ones.”

He started to move and we all followed the King until we reached a park in the middle of the city. He sat down on the grass and we formed a semi-circle around him. He began to speak to us, to teach us, to just spend time with us. I could see how much He loved every single person that was there.

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