Pray For the Rains to Come


Pray for spiritual rain

 A vision from 26.11.17

I stood next to my Lord in a desert place. Ahead of me a saw the sand dunes all the way to the horizon, nothing else. In the middle just ahead of us I saw a body of water in an area between two sand dunes. Scattered around the water were palm trees. At first I found this odd, to see palm trees in the desert, but then I remembered that around an oasis there is always vegetation. Where there is water there is life.

The Lord asked me, “What do you see?”

I replied, “Lord, I see the desert and the water, and the trees around the water.”

As I said this I saw many people, caravans of people, some riding on camels heading towards the water. I saw how they drew water for their animals, how the mothers gave their children water to drink.

That is correct,” replied Jesus, “and My people have come to drink from this water. However it will not be long until the water runs dry, unless My people pray. Tell My people to pray for the rain!”


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