Evangelising…at the Beach

A Beach Mission member reaching out to two young men at a party strip

Is there more to life than drinking and partying? Of course there is, and this is the message that the beach missionaries want to convey.

This is a great organisation to get involved with. The founder worked many years evangelising to young people at huge rave parties. He founded beach mission in order to reach out to young people at the nightclub/party scenes on the beaches at holiday destinations in Spain.

I had the privilege last week Saturday night to take part in a beach mission training’s-evening in Maastricht, Netherlands. After praise and worship, prayer and reading from the Scriptures, we set off around 22:00 for the city centre in order to engage with young party-goers and tell them about Jesus.

The are some great testimonies on the website, as well as more info if you would like to get involved. The organisation is looking for people from all over the world to take part in their evangelic missions next year in Spain. Check out the link below:

beach mission, evangelising to the youth

Mission Statement of Beach Mission

Beach Mission wants to have a positive impact on the lives of young people and in party scenes by providing assistance and by connecting young people with Jesus in a life-changing way.


Join us for a mission trip!:

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