The Great Eagle


In the month of September 2017 I had this vision whilst praying.

I saw myself in a valley. All around me was lush green grass and vegetation. Large mountains surrounded the valley. Between two of the mountains, water rushed down in a waterfall, and the water flowed forth into a river which separated the valley into two parts.

I felt very thirsty, so I went to the river and had a drink.

Afterwards,  I stood up and looked around me. A great eagle appeared over the mountains, flying from the north . As he flew closer, I was able to perceive his considerable stature. He was maybe as tall as a tree, and his wing-span was meters wide. The eagle swooped down and grabbed me with his talons. It happened so fast I did not even have the time to process it. The next thing I knew I was in the air, high above the valley. We traveled towards the south and I observed the landscape underneath. There was not much to see, mostly flat green landscape, a few trees and bushes scattered across the plain and the mountains which were getting smaller and smaller as we flew further south.

I do not know how long we flew, but we soon came to a huge nest in a tree. I was released and landed quiet safely in the nest. I noticed other people in the nest who seemed to already be acquainted with one another. They sat together and were talking with each other. Including me, we numbered 12 people in total.

Since the landing, the eagle had been sitting on a branch above the nest, observing us with his piercing eyes. He emanated profound authority and intelligence. Not once did he interact with the group, only watched. It suddenly crossed my mind how hungry I was. As if the eagle could read my mind, he spread his wings and lifted off.

It was not long before he was back again. I wondered what he had brought back to feed us. To my amazement, he dropped down scrolls onto the nest from his talons. The scrolls had writing on them. We gathered around the scrolls and started to eat them. I followed suit by taking one for myself and biting into it. It tasted sweet like honey but it filled me up like bread. We all ate until there was nothing left.

After we had eaten, we were flown down the tree onto the grass below by the eagle. On the ground we all received a word of knowledge that we were to go out into the world and share the words that we had just consumed. We would be sent out into different parts of the world to prophesy and to prepare God’s people for the return of the King. This word of knowledge was received as a message  that entered into our minds; that is the best way that I can explain it. We all received the same message at exactly the same time, almost like a command. We set forth in different directions.

As I said farewell to the others, I somehow knew that if I ever came across any of them again in the world, I would know them. Even if I could not remember them with my natural mind, I would know them by the spirit because we had been in the same nest.

God has an amazingly incredible plan for the end of ages, and we all have a part to play in it. We are being equipped and trained in the spirit to do the works of the kingdom on earth. Hallelujah!


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