Dämonen Austreiben – Markus Kettner

Hören Sie die letzte zwei Vorträge auf dieser Seite, die um Dämonen Austreibung geht. Ich finde dass Herr Kettner erklärt ganz klar was Dämonen sind, wo die sich befinden (nicht nur in Afrika), wie die in Menschen reinkommen und wie man Befreiung bekommt. Der erzählt auch über seine eigene Erfahrung mit diesem Thema, nämlich, dass... Continue Reading →

Praise, Worship and Obedience

A vision during prayer Monday 18.09.2017 I stood on the shore amongst a huge crowd of people, there was excitement in the air. The angel who had brought me to this place encouraged me to look out over the sea. We had just flown over a small village and landed on this beach full of... Continue Reading →

Are You Called to be a Shepherd?

On the Saturday night of the Last Reformation Kickstart Workshop in my town (05.08.17) I went for prayer because of migraines that I had been suffering from since around the time I started blogging. I have never been a person who suffers from migraines and I knew that it was something spiritual against me. Whilst... Continue Reading →

Book Club: Delivered to Declare by Gabriele Trinkle

The book is also available in German under the titel: "Endlich Frei". https://www.amazon.co.uk/Delivered-Declare-Gabriele-Trinkle/dp/0340511761 An amazing tale of a woman's search for deliverance, even after being a Christian many years, about the confusion and lack of knowledge about the deliverance ministry especially in the Christian Church, about unconditional, brotherly love between members of Christ's body, about... Continue Reading →

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