When the Kingdom of God Crashes with the Kingdom of the Enemy

When I read this, I realised, I was that man in the synagogue. A believer, sitting in church and walking out my faith, growing in my relationship with God, laying my life down and letting God take control. It was me. The kingdom of God was being expanded inside of me…and that is when “all hell broke loose”.

All the filthiness and ugliness that I was carrying around me, for years even, could no longer stay hidden. It was being driven out by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, who was taking over control of my soul and my body.

I praise God and am grateful for the cleansing work that He is doing inside of me. I want to be holy Lord, just as You are holy. Thank you for cleansing out Your temple and driving out the thieves. Deliverance is the bread of the children, there is no shame to a christian seeking out and receiving deliverance. I have written more about this in previous posts and will include the links below. But first I invite you to read the following article:

The Kingdom of God vs the kingdom of the devil

The Devil kills Babies: Abortion and the Demon Moloch

Suicide and the Spirit of Death

The Spirit of Fatherlessness…

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