The Dead Man’s Sin


I wanted to take this opportunity to share an illustration that Derick Prince uses to demonstrate how we as born again Christians are dead to sin. I have never heard it put this way before and it really left an impression on me. I have put the link for the whole article below, and included just the allegory here. I love Derick Prince’s teaching. Watch him on Youtube, read some of his books. It is worth it.

Illustration from the online article (see link below) and the book Derick Prince Foundation Series, Volume Two: From Jordan to Pentecost, Purposes of Pentecost and

“Paul points out in Romans 6:2 Certainly not! How shall we who have died to sin live any longer in it?.

Just what are we to understand about this phrase, died to sin? To form a picture here is a simple illustration about a terribly bad man. I mean, he’s the kind of man that churchgoing people just have no time for. He drinks whiskey, he smokes cigars, he watches pornography on the television and he’s mean and beastly to his wife and children. Now his wife has become a believer and so have the children. So they sneak out on Sunday evenings to the local gospel church to just get away from him. And one Sunday evening they sneak out and leave him sitting in his chair with a glass of whiskey by his side, a cigar in his mouth and some unedifying program there on the television. They have a wonderful time at the local church, come back so happy they’re singing choruses. As they come in they suddenly freeze and realize if he hears them singing choruses he’s going to swear at them. And they tiptoe a little further, the cigar is beside him, the smoke is curling up in the air, the whiskey glass is on the table, he’s not drinking it. He’s not watching what’s going on on the television screen. And he doesn’t shout at them, he doesn’t even get angry with them. Do you know what happened? He had a heart attack. That’s right, he died. He’s dead to sin! Neither the cigarette nor the whiskey any longer produce any reaction from the man; there is no inward stirring of desire, no outward motion of his arm towards them. Why not? The reason is simple: the man is dead – dead to alcohol and tobacco alike. There is also no reaction from the man to his wife and children singing Gospel songs. No anger, no violence, no blasphemous words. Why not? The reason is simple: the man is dead – dead to anger and dead to blasphemy alike. In one short phrase, that man is dead to sin. Sin no longer has any attraction for him, sin no longer produces any reaction from him; sin no longer has any power over him.”


Here is the link to the full article. A must read! Our Old Man was put to Death in Him that the New Man might come to Life in Us



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